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School Leader

Gabriela Jaime began her career at Cesar Chavez Academy in 2001 as an LRE-Aide while completing her Bachelors in Special Education at Wayne State University. She soon moved into the classroom and taught a first and second grade split class from 2002-2004, and continued as a first grade teacher until 2006.  In 2007 Mrs. Jaime joined the Special Education team and provided services to students in an inclusive setting. Gabriela Jaime became the School Leader at Cesar Chavez Academy in 2011.  In 2013, Mrs. Jaime received her Master’s in Leadership Administration through Madonna University. 

Gabriela Jaime grew up in Southwest Detroit and feels honored to be a part of the Cesar Chavez Academy team and have the opportunity to serve the Southwest Detroit community.

You can contact Gabriela Jaime by phone at 313-843-9440 or by e-mail.

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Administration & Office Staff

Kristen Liss, instructional coach email

Laura Viera, office manager email
Laura Rebollar, community liaison email
Hilda Lupercio, assistant office manager email

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Cristina Rodriguez-Pagan, kindergarten email  
Sarae Daniels, kindergarten email
Anna Kue, kindergarten email
Kelly Swayze, kindergarten email 
Patricia Hernandez, kindergarten email
Celina Barajas, Kindergarten email
Karley Christian, grade 1 email
Amber Hobson, grade 1 email
Andrea Blake, grade 1 email
Jennifer Abela, grade 1 email
Corinna Tomazic, grade 1 email
Molly McClean, grade 1 email
Laura Kulikowski, grade 2  email
Lottie Reyes, grade 2 email
Shirley Murray, grade 2 email
​Kathy Lach, grade 2 email
Alexandra Garcia, grade 2 email

Lauren DeVore, grade 2 email

Mary Ann Thomas, art email

Danielle Adamski, music email
Sarah Berman, physical education, email 

Gina Quinlan, K-2 Mentor Teacher email
​Lauri Cobb, Title I Teacher email
Cheryl Dinnan, Title I Teacher email
Patty Salinas, ELL Interventionist email 


Zenaida Bermudez, Highly Qualified Aide email

Nora Andrade, Highly Qualified Aide email

Irma Zuniga, Highly Qualified Aide email

Martha Garcia, Highly Qualified Aide email

Ileana Bermudez, Highly Qualified ELL Aide email

Jacqueline Morales, Highly Qualified Aide email

Steven Kalbfleisch, social worker email
Molly Bingham, special education email
Alyssa Creekmore, special education email
Therese Alfonsi, speech pathologist email
Beatrice Plascencia, LRE-Aide email
Alma DeLaTorre, one on one aide email 
Oscar Jaime, one on one aide email
Martha Rodriguez, one on one aide email
Cathy Gamboa, one on one aide email 
Susana Montano, one on one aide email

Paola Sanchez, one on one aide email

Mario Galaviz, custodian

Maria Gutierrez, custodian

John Paul, custodian

Liliana Lupercio, lunch coordinator email

Minerva Perez, lunch server

Maria Gomez, lunch aide

Leticia Guerrero, lunch aide

Lourdes Galindo, lunch aide

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