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Multi Tiered System of Support (MTSS) is a process of

implementing high quality; scientifically validated

instructional practices based on learner needs. 

This is done through monitoring student progress and

adjusting instruction based on the students’ response.

Students who do not meet benchmark on school wide

screeners in reading and math will be provided with

additional support through reading or math

interventions.  Interventions and strategies will be

implemented and monitored for each student through

the MTSS process. 

Progress monitoring is a scientifically based practice

that is used to assess students’ academic performance

and evaluate the effectiveness of instruction and

intervention.  Students are progress monitored on a

regular basis.  Data gathered from these assessments

is utilized to determine whether students are making

adequate gains or in need of additional intervention.

At Cesar Chavez Academy, we believe that early interventions are key to academic success.   We currently have five certified teachers who serve as Lead Interventionists that plan and implement strategic learning activities based on the needs of identified students.  In addition, we have seven highly qualified Interventionists who implement small group reading and math instruction on a daily basis. The MTSS process along with interventions has made a great impact on ensuring that all students are receiving the supports needed to be successful.

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