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School Performance

Accreditation status: The academy meets the state's standards for accreditation.

As a district, the academy achieved AYP.

Accreditation Status: The academy meets the state’s standards for accreditation. In addition, The AdvancED Accreditation Commission and Board of Trustees has accredited all of the academy's campuses in Southwest Detroit, making it the first multi-campus charter district in Michigan to receive the mark.

If you walk through the doors of any of the academy’s four campuses, it is immediately evident: the atmosphere is one of learning, respect, family, caring and safety. "Every minute counts; there is no wasted time here," explained school leader Cheri Wasiel, who has since transitioned to a new leadership position in Phoenix. Teachers make instructional decisions for every child based on performance data - and small group interventions are key to addressing individual needs.

There are many systems in place that help ensure success for CCA students. Among them:

  • School-wide behavior plans with positive reinforcement

  • Highly qualified, dedicated teachers

  • Highly effective support staff

  • Deep collaboration among teachers

  • Use of data to support instruction

  • Response to Intervention

  • Community outreach

  • Strong curriculum

  • District-wide alignment

  • Prolific technology: iPads, NEO's, Promethean boards, document cameras, classroom computers, mobile laptop lab, wireless headphones, CD players, FM audio units and tag-readers.

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